BlackBerry is a series of smartphones and tablets designed and manufactured by the BlackBerry Limited. The manufacturer provide premium design, great speed and best security.

The Phones was considered to be one of the most high-end smartphones in the world. It had been in the top most line-up when it came to the smartphone.

It was the best choice for many users it came to secure communication and mobile productivity. This Smartphones were considered to be one of the best smartphones that provide completely secure communication and productive mobiles.


It provided secure connections that make the communication completely hack-free. BlackBerry had many high-end devices that made the company’s worth very high.


There was a time when the company had more than 85 million subscribers but those 85 million are now short to only 23 million. The major setback to the BlackBerry smartphones was the amazing success of Android and iOS smartphones. Their huge success greatly affected the the manufacturer.

Most of the this smartphones uses a BlackBerry OS (an operating system developed by BlackBerry Limited for its device. No other device uses that OS. The security on that OS was too great and the people really admired that.

The amazing BlackBerry never compromised in quality and provided quality products to its end-users. After the success of Android and iOS, the phones started to extinct. The Old smartphones used monochrome display but later color display models released.

The company released plenty of models with QWERTY keypad. The specialty of those models was the trackball used. It used optical trackball in most of the QWERTY keypad phone.

Later on the touch type models were released with the same QWERTY keypad and trackball. All of these devices were running on the BlackBerry OS.

 Operating System

After the success of Android and iOS, The manufacturer stepped up and updated their OS. In 2013, It updated their standard OS to a new and enhanced OS called BlackBerry 10. That was a major step to provide efficient mobile usage experience to the modern smartphone user.

The New OS, v10 powered smartphone was the Z10. The Z10 was touchscreen smartphone unlike the previous smartphones in the market from this manufacturer. This smartphone had no physical QWERTY keypad and was fully touchscreen device.

Also Z3, Z30 were other smartphones running under the same OS. Due to excessive demand of Android, it had to change its smartphones to survive.

 The first Ever Android BlackBerry

In 2015, the company worked on its strategy and created Android supported smartphones. The first ever smartphone with the Android OS support was BlackBerry Priv. It came with big touchscreen and a QWERTY keypad that been hide when not in use. It had amazing camera and exceptional display.

 Other Android Smartphones

After Priv, DTEK50, DTEK60 Android based smartphones released with much better display and design. Both the new devices had more speed, better camera and amazing design comparing to previous devices.

KEY2 and Motion are the latest Android based smartphones by BlackBerry in the market with high-end features like great camera, amazing speed and good design.

Blackberry DTEK50
KSh40,000.00 KSh25,000.00
Blackberry DTEK50
KSh40,000.00 KSh25,000.00
  • Android OS v6.0,Screen 5.2″ IPS LCD capacitive
  • Processor Octa-core 4×1.5 GHz
  • Internal memory 16GB/3 GB RAM
  • Camera 13MP/8MP
  • Non-removable 2610mAh battery
  • SIM, Nano-SIM