HTC Smartphones

HTC is a Taiwanese smartphone company founded in 1997. HTC was manufacturer of notebook computers. HTC has been credited to do many things for the first time in world like creating world’s first touch and wireless devices.
The world’s very first Android smartphone was built by HTC. HTC is also the first one to build a windows based smartphone. HTC is one of the world’s company to build the very first touch screen smartphone. HTC build many touchscreen devices after the creation of their very-first touchscreen device.

It created the very first 4G capable smartphone in United States that was called HTC Evo 4G. Then  it started selling in China and sold 24.6 million handsets of their smartphone by 2010. Being one of the best makers, The is one of the highest smartphone making company in the world.

It built many phones that were being marketed under the banner of other companies.
 The Company Android Journey
The company’s dream the first ever smartphone to run Android was marketed by T-Mobile under the name T-Mobile G1. After the release of that smartphone, It started to market its own devices.

This company was ranked the 98th top brand in Best Global report. The Company produced many amazing smartphones when it first started like the One series. It was the 3rd best smartphone selling company in the early 2012’s.
 Market share
It lost much of its US market due to more quality products by other companies. Other companies were ahead in the race of making better smartphones and the company lost much in US. At the time of release of One edition, their CEO said he would step down if  One series fails.

The One series was released in 2013 and won many awards for the best design and amazing performance. The One series failed to produce as many sales as the other competitor in the market.
 Release of advanced smartphone features to regain market share
This One mini that was the smaller variant of HTC One. One mini had smaller screen and smaller processor. One Max that was the larger variant of HTC One.

One Max had 5.9 inches of big HD screen, fingerprint sensor and removable back cover. In 2014,  One M8 was released that was the next version of HTC One. It had better camera, better screen and amazing features. M8 raised the sales of company.

In 2015, the company released VIVA, a VR display in collaboration with Valve corporation. HTC then faced fierce competition from other vendors that caused a major decrease in sales of its smartphone.

It then released M9, the successor of M8. M9 had better camera, processor and camera. M9+ and M9+ Supreme Camera Edition was released with better features and superb camera.
In 2016, 10 was released with the big screen and amazing features than the previous flagship smartphones. In 2017, It released  U Ultra that is powered with snapdragon processor and 4GB of RAM. This phone can compete with other beast in the market easily. It support two displays, One is 5.7 inch and other is 2 inch.

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