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Microsoft Windows Mobile


Microsoft Windows Mobile is a Multinational mobile phone manufacturing company. Microsoft Mobile designs, develops and market phones and smartphones.

Microsoft Mobile was not even a company since 2014 when it establishes the acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services under their name.

 How it started?

Microsoft Mobile headquarters is located in Finland. Microsoft Mobile made an agreement with Nokia to sell smartphones under Nokia brand name.

The made a 10-year licensing agreement as long as the phone is running on S30+ platforms that included the feature phones of Nokia. Microsoft Mobile was created in 2014 to market the Nokia phones under their name.

Microsoft Mobile announced to use their own logo on Lumia smartphones instead of Nokia’s. After then the Lumia series from Nokia started having the Microsoft name and logo on the.

Microsoft Mobile started creating their own mobiles back in 2010. The smartphone made by Microsoft Mobile was Microsoft Kin. That smartphone was running on the windows CE.

The Microsoft Kin smartphone were made for men and women from age 15 to 30. Microsoft Kin smartphones were failed badly due to poor amount of sales.

Market Dominance challenges

Microsoft Mobile decided to alliance with Nokia to make Windows smartphone in 2011 because Nokia was the largest mobile phone company at that time.

But due to the huge success of its competitors, Nokia went from no.1 to no.10 in 2 years. That was a major step back to Nokia and Microsoft Mobile.

 Introduction of  Windows Microsoft Smartphones

The first device was Lumia 800 that was running on the Windows 7 and has many high-end features and then there was Lumia 710 that was a mid-range device. Nokia was having very bad time with the shares decreasing and company was falling apart.

In 2014, the Nokia mail was closed and offered migration services of Microsoft outlook. Most of the Nokia’s social media were branded as Microsoft Lumia. Microsoft took the name of Nokia and started marketing.

In 2014, windows 10 was announced that was a common Operating System for smartphones and laptops. As Lumia devices were built by Microsoft, so they were getting the windows 10 before anyone else.

In November 2014, Microsoft announced its first branded smartphone Microsoft Windows  phone the Microsoft Lumia 535. In December, Microsoft replaced the Nokia sync with Microsoft OneDrive for Synchronization.

Microsoft released many low and mid-range devices including the Microsoft Lumia 430,532,435,640, XL and 540 in the year 2015. The sales of the smartphones were much better than the previous year.

The Microsoft Windows phones Named Microsoft Lumia was given the limited version of windows 10. In 2016 Microsoft announced it first Lumia device to be running on Windows 10 Mobile.

 Microsoft Windows High End Smartphones

Then they released Lumia 950 and 950 XL two high-end devices running on Windows 10 Mobile and after that Lumia 550 that was a budget device running on Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft Mobile then faced a major drop in sales. Microsoft Mobile announced that the support for devices running on Windows 10 will be limited to very few devices including Lumia 550, 640, 640 XL, 650, 950 and more.

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